Police: Now What?

What should You do when dealing with police?

1) Never approach a Police officer on the street.

2) Never share ANY information ( EXCEPT for Your ID and other Documents ) with Police, when pulled over or apprehended.

3) Always ask for a Lawyer.

4) When Asked Questions: Ask Questions back or say; I don't answer questions to Police.

5) When filing a complaint against a citizen: don't talk about anything other than things nessecary for the complaint.

6) pulled over? Lock your car when you get out.

And say: I don't consent to Searches.


You will also need to know how to file a complaint against a Police officer, if he does something wrong.


Therefore you need to know the rules:



On the Next pages I will let some Experts do the Talking...

It is a Basic training in Common Sense skills for Police Situations.


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