Arrested...! Now What?

Be patient, be "5th amendment silent" , until you are in jail, ask for a Lawyer, and do the time before being judged...

You better make the best of it because you aren't going anywhere untill your due time has passed.


For instance: Take an education, read some books, keep a Journal...

Just see the time as time to re-evaluate your Actions, your self, reform yourself and come out a better human being.


After seeing the Judge you can be set free, or you will get a punishment.


Not guilty but still convicted?

Ask a lawyer about your options and find out what went Wrong.

Start to understand yourself and the system better.

Are the Judges not reasonable?

That can have multiple causes.

But remember: Any Clown in a Toga can Misjudge you.

So dont take it personally...


Dont try to escape, because 99% of my readers will fail at that and that possibly includes Very, Very Sophisticated Con-Men!.


And if you did escape, at least consider this catch-22:

where do you want to go without Shelter and money?


So dont...


Better Go Back Home...


Or go to: www.SatanSucks.EU