How to deal with Police and the Law


Afraid of Police and the Law?


Time to Overcome Fear of the Unknown:


Many might fear the Police or the Law...


I myself was afraid of the Police a long time ago, because I did not know what to do when I encountered them.

Now Older and hopefully wiser, I have learned some things some of you can use ...


I will give you a little knowledge that will propell you forward, out of the swamp of not knowing, into a whole other domain.

Knowledge is Freedom and the Potential for Power.


The Knowledge on this page is basic, which means everybody needs to know it.

Sadly billions of families or institutions don't provide this knowledge because of many reasons.

Most of them don't know it themselves, others don't think about the neccesity of explaining this knowledge and other, more dark forces, seek to withhold this knowledge from you.


Because of such overwhelming Ignoreance ( Dumbasses ignoring knowledge ) and Nescience I will tell you a few secrets of the Justice department...

(Nescience is: "not knowing though the desire to know is there, but the desired knowledge or the ability to learn is absent").


A few caveats...

1) You can almost NOT trick the Police and the Justice Department.

2) You don't have to fear them.

3) Not all Law Enforcers are good.

4) You have more Power than you know.

5) You will either need to know Natural Law or fall into a lot of unneccesary traps.

See the 2 videos below.

6) Do not give away your Rights. because You will get into trouble.

7) Dont be too assertive aswell.

Its about reaching a state of healthy Equilibrium between assertiveness, being on your guard, being relaxed  and meekness.


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